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The camp is built around the shady edges of a "kopje." These low hills rise up from the plains and with their massive granite boulders, trees and bushes are a dramatic feature of the savannah. The service areas represent a quarter of the perimeter of the site, the guest areas and the rest.





Just next to the bar and restaurant, the fireplace is ideal place for enjoying the evenings under the stars, accompanied by our Maasai staff. It is the real "heart" of the camp.
Deck chairs are arranged around the circular firepit, and bar service is available throughout.

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The restaurant is just above the fireplace, well integrated into the rocks.
It is a large round banda with wooden floor and makuti (thatched) roof, seating up to 40 guests.
Long-term resident small mammals called genets often appear when the main course is being served ...they have lovely markings and are harmless with a lithe and curious grace.
Just next to the restaurant, there is a small public washroom.

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Built even higher and further into the rocks than the restaurant, the bar is a cosy place to relax on arrival after safari or to enjoy a drink after dinner.
There are comfortable armchairs and a wide choice of drinks is available


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Small bar restaurant (between tents 13 and 14).
For small groups, an opportunity to privatise "the boma" and have their own bar and restaurant for a special night at Olduvai camp.


At the highest point of the kopjes, the platform is a unique place to observe the brilliant night sky and a telescope is at the disposal of the guests.

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THE TENTS (tent numbers 1 to 17)

All seventeen tents encircle the kopje and back onto it, giving a “bush feel”: remote with minimal impact but completely secure. Each has superb views from the verandah of the surrounding savannah dry-lands, a tree-lined shallow valley and the spectacular Ngorongoro Highlands and mountains. All the tents are similarly decorated but retain a certain originality, with a terrace, a large safari canvas tent, a bedroom and a dressing room alcove with ensuite bathroom: flush toilets, basin and shower (24 hour hot water).


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This is a tradition when our Guests arrive at Olduvai Camp, to stretch your legs and walk, accompanied by the Maasai hosts to another nearby kopje; if help is required, they lend a hand to scramble up to the top of one of the huge boulders, where the views over the Serengeti plains are simply amazing.

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The camp is as environmentally-friendly as possible.
The stand-by generator is only for emergencies The hot water and electricity supply are produced by solar panels.